Website Hacking Course™ 2018: Earn Money by doing Bug Bounty

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Learn from the most updated course on udémy, which is made for those people who wants to earn by doing the bug bounty.


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1 hour on-demand video

Created by:Parvinder Yadav
Last updated: 4/2018
Language: English
Skill: Website Hacking


What Will I Learn?

  • After the completion of this course, students will be aware of different vulnerability exists in website. At the end of this course, they will be in a position, where they can start doing the bug hunting on different platforms like bugcrowd and even on hacker one itself.



  • If you are interested in website hacking or if you want to start doing the bug hunting, that’s all you need. You should be curious enough to learn it. No Extra things are required.



This course is made from scratch. So, if you do not have any knowledge about Website Hacking or Bug hunting then this is a course to go with. This course is not just based on a home lab environment like DVWA and other vulnerable web application, Instead, this course is completely based on real-life security vulnerabilities that are reported on hacker one and bug Crowd. This is the place, where people make thousands of dollars in a night by just reporting one big bug to the big companies like Uber, Facebook, Ola, Amazon, and Zomato. 

So, this course will give you a brief introduction to the types of bugs that you can report and earn the money.  


Who this course is for:

  • A beginner or an intermediate person, who wants to learn about cyber security, bug hunting and website hacking process.


File Size: 770MB


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