Learn Wi-Fi Password Penetration Testing (WEP/WPA/WPA2)

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46+ Videos to teach you how to hack and secure Wi-Fi (WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA/WPA2 Enterprise)

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Created by Zaid Sabih, z Security
Last updated 5/2018
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Skill: Penetration Testing


What Will I Learn?

  • Have a very good know-how of how networks perform
  • Understand how gadgets talk with every other in a netowrk
  • Find out wi-fi networks inside range
  • Acquire information about wifi networks
  • Find out related devices to each wifi network within range
  • Disconnect any device from any community inside variety
  • Learn the principle weaknesses of wep encryption also how it can be cracked
  • Launch interactive packet reply assault to crack wep encryption
  • Release chopchop reply attack to crack wep encryption
  • Learn wpa/wpa2 weak point and the concept at the back of cracking it
  • Release fragmentation assault to crack wep encryption
  • Exploit wps characteristic to crack wpa/wpa2 with out a wordlist and without the want to any related clients
  • Seize handshake and release word list assault
  • Create your own wordlist
  • Release a wordlist attack the usage of the gpu
  • Release a phrase list attack the use of a rainbow desk
  • How to protect wireless networks from cracking attacks
  • Spot weaknesses in wi-fi networks for you to protect your network
  • Configure wireless networks to shield in opposition to the discussed assaults
  • Wi-Fi password penetration testing



  • Primary IT capabilities
  • No linux, programming or hacking information required.
  • Laptop with a minimum of 4gb ram/memory
  • Working OS: windows / os x / linux
  • Wireless adapter like alfa awus036nha or whatever with an atheros chip (more info supplied in the route)



Welcome to my wifi cracking course, in this direction you may begin as a beginner with no preceding understanding about penetration testing. the path is based in a way so as to take you through the basics of networking and how clients talk with every other, then we can begin talking about how we are able to make the most this method of verbal exchange to carry out a number of effective attacks. on the cease of the route you will learn how to configure wi-fi networks to guard it from these attacks.

This path is focuses on the practical aspect of wi-fi penetration checking out with out neglecting the principle at the back of each assault, the assaults explained on this route are launched against actual devices in my lab.

the route is split into four sections:

  1. Networks fundamentals:

    on this section you’ll learn about how networks paintings, how devices talk with every other and how the records is transferred in a wireless networks. you will additionally find out about fundamental terminology, what’s a channel ? mac address ? what is controlled mode ? what’s display mode and a way to permit it ? what is sniffing and what is it restricted to ? so on this section we nonetheless don’t know a good deal about penetration testing , all we’ve got is a computer and a wireless card related to it, you may discover ways to begin gathering data the use of your wireless card (packet sniffing) and you may learn some of assaults that you can release without the need to know the password together with controlling all the connections around you (ie: deny/allow any device from connecting to any community), you will also find out how to conquer some safety features that could prevent you from even attempting any attacks, you will learn how to discover and goal hidden networks and skip mac filtering weather it’s far carried out the usage of a black-list or a white-listing. .

  2. WEP cracking:

    now which you have amassed records approximately all of the networks round you, and discovered your goal, you will discover ways to crack the key that the goal uses. on this segment you may examine three techniques to crack wep encryption. first you will analyze the weaknesses in wep that permit us to crack it, then you will research the idea in the back of every technique and sooner or later you may learn how to launch that attack towards wep networks and gain their key, in this segment you’ll learn four special strategies to crack wep to ensure that you may crack any wep community you face regardless of how its configured.

  3. WPA cracking:

    in this section you’ll examine some of techniques to crack wpa/wpa2 networks. Again you may research the weakness in wpa and principle at the back of every technique first. You will discover ways to launch the attack in opposition to a actual network, this segment is divided into some of smaller sections:

    1. Exploiting WPS – in this subsection you’ll discover ways to exploit the wps characteristic to advantage get right of entry to to wpa/wpa2 networks with out using a wordlist, no longer simplest that however you will additionally learn how to debug reaver’s output and exploit the wps function on more routers the use of reaver’s superior alternatives, you may also learn how to free up a few routers in the event that they lock after some of failed attempts.
    2. Wordlist Assaults – in this subsection you will learn how to run wordlist attacks to crack the wpa/wpa2 key, you’ll discover ways to use massive wordlists with out wasting garage, save the cracking development so that you can pause and resume the cracking technique on every occasion you want, you may also learn how to crack the key a great deal quicker the usage of the gpu in preference to the cpu.
    1. wpa/wpa2 agency – these networks are commonly used in companies and schools, those are comfy networks that use wpa/wpa2 but also require users to login with a username and password after connecting, in this subsection you’ll recognize how they paintings and a way to gain get admission to to them.
  4. Protection:

    at this degree you’ll realize the weaknesses and methods that real existence hackers use, consequently it will likely be very easy so one can secure your network against those attacks. in this phase you may discover ways to configure your wireless networks in order that the above attacks will not paintings, you’ll study what settings need to be modified, how to access the router settings and a way to change these settings.

All the attacks on this route are sensible attacks that work towards real wireless networks, all the assaults are executed in opposition to real networks in my lab. each assault is defined in a simple way first so you recognize the way it surely works, so first you’ll learn the principle behind every attack after which you may learn how to perform the assault using kali linux.

Be Aware: This course is from igneus technology and also no other business enterprise is associated for certification exam for the same. Despite the fact that, you may obtain route crowning glory certification from udemy. Aside from that no different corporation is worried.


Who is the target audience?

  • People interested by gaining knowledge of how to check the safety of wifi keys/passwords with penetration testing


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