Digital Compositing Photoshop and Photography Masterclass

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Digital Compositing Photoshop and Photography Masterclass

Learn Adobe Photoshop CC 2017 and photography by designing levitation digital compositing from four photo shoots.

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3.5 hours of on-demand video
Created by: Chad Neuman, Ph.D., Christine Wozz
Last updated: 4/2017
Language: English
Skill: Digital Compositing.


What Will I Learn?

  • Know that what is digital compositing.
  • You will learn Digital Compositing with Photoshop
  • Use effective layering, choices, masking, and other equipment to edit pictures with the use of adobe photoshop.
  • Take effective pics the usage of appropriate backgrounds, props, and poses.
  • Exercise creativity in pictures and digital artwork.
  • Regulate coloration, lighting fixtures, and other outcomes in adobe photoshop for better photographs and virtual artwork.



  • You have to get entry to adobe photoshop, ideally creative cloud.
  • A digicam is required if you need to take your very own images for the final project.



Research photoshop and images by using designing levitation virtual artwork! 

In this route, however, you may study enterprise-trendy modifying strategies in photoshop compositing. But also research the fundamentals and past for effective images, all even as having fun producing digital art.

You may learn from our 4 photoshoots for levitation digital artwork: an antique studio, a sand dunes scene with smoke, a university architecture scene, and also rundown constructing with sparklers.

Each of the 4 sections has two tasks to comply with together with after gaining knowledge of from the photoshoots. This direction comes with sixteen jpeg pictures to produce the levitation impact the use of a diffusion of techniques also 36 PSD photoshop documents to research from. Also helpful handouts, which includes a pdf on commonplace photoshop shortcuts, a pdf on photoshop record sorts, and a 21-page pdf on pictures basics.

After gaining knowledge of from the 4 photo shoots and multiple comply with-along photoshop initiatives in every segment, you positioned what you discovered into practice by way of generating a very last challenge of levitation digital art along with your very own images.

Test out the sample videos for extra statistics on the direction, however, our bios for statistics on our qualifications!

See you within the route!

Music in the promotional video is referred to as heartwarming through Kevin MacLeod (cc).


Who is the target audience?

  • Because of the complexity of photoshop absolutely everyone new to pictures and photoshop.
  • Or those who aren’t new but need to analyze extra approximately virtual art techniques and concepts.
  • Anyone who also wants to create extremely good levitation digital artwork composites by using photography and photoshop!


Course Size: 1.8GB


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